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Cold War Rummy

Member nations of NATO and the Warsaw Pact are at odds with each other as they attempt to subvert the national governments of countries currently on the edge of instability. Players take control of either the Warsaw Pact or NATO and control these attempts using Country Cards and Events. Cold War Rummy is a two player card game that uses the traditional concept of Rummy melds with the inclusion of both event cards (one may be played per turn) and a DefCon tracker. Certain Event cards may cause the tension in the world to increase as the DoomsDay clock gets closer to midnight. SALT meetings, Cuba missiles, Coups and Arms Dealing are all represented in Cold War Rummy.

    100 Cards
    Game Box
Originally designed for Cate108's rummy design contest in Fall 2009 on www.boardgamegeek.com. One of 9 finalists out of 23 entries. Second place overall.

# of Players 2

Time toPlay 30 to 60 minutes

Age Range 14 and up

Designer: Michael Haverty
Developer: Nicholas Vitek
Artist: Andrew Ross
Graphic Designer: Andrew Ross

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