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Data Fortress:First Strike

Data Fortress is set in the virtual reality version of the Internet. In this reality, corporations maintain vast data fortresses that act as their servers and storefronts in cyberspace. Users of cyberspace plug their minds into this world wide reality to work, be entertained or socialize. While the daily use of cyberspace holds the world's attention, beneath the surface rests the world of hackers and those who stand against them.

In Data Fortress, two players pit themselves against each other in an attempt to either crash a company's data fortress or to defend it. One player takes control of the Hacker, entering the area through the use of hidden Jack Points while the other player sets up the defensive protocols of his company's data fortress. The Hacker initializes and maneuvers his programs through cyberspace attempting to crash the defensive programs on his way to destroying all protection the Central unit has over its data. Meanwhile, the Admin brings his own programs to the fray as he holds off the Hacker until the rest of the Sys-Admins can log into the network. A truly skilled Admin can even trace the Hacker back to his actual Jack Point and crash the connection.

The game uses 54 tiles that represent programs, computer network and Jack Points.
During a player's turn, they will be able to move a tile and play a tile in either order. Results of program on program interaction is based on the strength of all tiles that form a solid line to the interaction. The Hacker and Admin utilize different programs that have their own movement and abilities in this asymmetrical tile maneuvering game.

# of Players 2

Time to Play 15 to 45 minutes

Age Range 14 and up

Designer: Nicholas Vitek
Developer: Kevin G. Nunn & John Eyster
Artist: Haley Ross
Graphic Designer: Haley Ross

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