January 30, 2012 in Board Games

Schlock Mercenary:Capital Offensive

Keep your guard up! In Schlock Mercenary:Capital Offensive, you never know what the enemy may hit you with. Plasma shotguns, laser sniper rifles and nuclear epaulet grenades are all weapons of choice in this multiplayer tactical shooter. You even have to fear being stomped, subpoenaed and snacked upon. Based on the award winning Schlock Mercenary webcomic, Capital Offensive puts you in the shoes of both Tagon’s Toughs, a mercenary group made up of exotic aliens, and the Partnership Collective Drones, a vast group of cloned attorney snakes.

Six different scenarios are included with the main set allowing players to enjoy different tactics and elements of the game. From the “knock everyone around” scenario to the “Locate the objective and return it to your ship” scenario, Capital Offensive has something for every play style.

Schlock Mercenary:Capital Offensive is based on the highly modular and expandable TacDice Game Engine designed by Kevin G. Nunn.
# of Players: 2 - 4

Time to Play: 30 Minutes to 2 Hours depending on scenario

Age Range: 14 and up

Designer: Kevin G. Nunn
Artist: Howard Tayler
Graphic Designer: Haley Ross
Developer: Nicholas A. Vitek
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Print Outs
Z-Ro G's Arena Download Link (Scenario)
Infiltration Run Download Link (Scenario)
Infiltration Run - Rent-A-Guard (Character Sheet)
Infiltration Run - Rent-A-Guard (Character Sheet - Low-Res)
Schlock Mercenary:Capital Offensive Image Gallery
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