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January 31, 2012in Board Games

1955:The War of Espionage

In 1955: The War of Espionage, you are the head of one of the two major Faction’s Covert Operations Agency. View project
January 30, 2012in Board Games

Schlock Mercenary:Capital Offensive

Keep your guard up! In Schlock Mercenary:Capital Offensive, you never know what the enemy may hit you with. Plasma shotguns, laser sniper rifles and nuclear epaulet grenades are all weapons of choice in this multiplayer tactical shooter. You even have to fear being stomped, subpoenaed and snacked upon. View project
January 29, 2012in Board Games

Data Fortress:First Strike

Data Fortress is set in the virtual reality version of the Internet. In this reality, corporations maintain vast data fortresses that act as their servers and storefronts in cyberspace. View project
January 28, 2012in Board Games

Cold War Rummy

Member nations of NATO and the Warsaw Pact are at odds with each other as they attempt to subvert the national governments of countries currently on the edge of instability. Players take control of either the Warsaw Pact or NATO and control these attempts using Country Cards and Events. View project

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